25 Best Gifts That Give Back – Charity Donation Gifts – In 2023

Today’s small businesses always have some cause behind their existence. And while most of the companies only take care of the profits. But, do you know that there are those who are donating a significant part of the money they earn for charities? For example, some of them are working on environmental protections, others donate for poor people, and there are those who have a mission to help the people learn more about the others around them, like beenverified.com, and many others like that.

If you follow these programs, you are taking an active part in the donations and saving some critical groups of people, animals, or the environment. Joining that cause can be a sign of empathy, or your wish to help those in need, and still give a nice gift to the people you love, and you know they will enjoy it anyway. There are plenty of e-shops that are transparent and always list their purpose and goal, so the customers can know who they are helping.

Here are a few ideas and examples for this type of gifts

Source: signupgenius.com

1. Celestial earrings

Nickel-free jewelry raises awareness about the education of critical groups of people, especially poor kids. It’s a part of the Three House Books’ cause, and they are providing books to the families that can’t afford them, or want some specific literature.

2. Box to save a life

There is a box of chocolate bars, from the organization named This Saves Lives. It contains a special sea salt chocolate, and every purchase is related to sending food to children and young people who need it.

3. Mental health awareness pin

Probably you’ve already heard the sentence “It’s ok not to be ok”, and American Foundation for Suicide Prevention provides pins and other gifts that support their cause, and share their message to the people who need to hear it.

4. Planned parenthood T-shirt

Cindy Sherman is an artist, and Narcisso Rodrigues is a popular designer. They conjoined their talents and forces to create a planned parenthood T-shirt, to help the families learn more about contraception, and the benefits of planning your family on time.

Source: plannedparenthood.org

5. Art for therapy

Have you ever heard about The Art Therapy Project? They are dedicated to helping people who went through some trauma, and you will get an inexpensive piece of art.

6. Black Sabbath’s T-shirt

This English rock band joined the cause known as “Black Lives Matter” and every cent spent on these T-shirts are donated to the movement.

7. The Last Prisoner project

Now, when the CBD is legal almost everywhere, it’s the right time to support a woman who owns a brand related to it, known as Her Highness NYC. One set is donating 50% of the money for the organization to legalize CBD products for free use.

Source: smtrends.net

8. Shirts to share a message

They are known as Phenomenally Indigenous shirt and Phenomenally Trans shirt, inspired by Maya Angelou’s poem. They are raising awareness for the different people who should be accepted and included in society.

9. Love the Earth

Earthlove is a movement that promotes eco-friendly life. As you take it, you are helping the wildlife, coral reefs, and other specific parts of nature. You are getting challenges how to use the compostable boxes again, and learn to recycle.

10. Sweater to accept yourself

The viral design “Be who you needed when you were younger” is raising awareness about the LGBT(QIA) and transgender people, who are “coming out” and finally feel better in their body.

11. Ceramic spoons

The spoons from Ten Thousand Villages are unique, and this company has a lot of inspiring and artistic pieces to help young artists promote their works, but also give money to the poor.

Source: innerglowvitamins.com

12. Handmade jewelry kit

Karatasi set from Akola is helping the women in Uganda, who are facing poverty, and education limitations. That means they can’t really earn money for themselves.

13. Filter for water

A lot of people in the world don’t have access to fresh and clean water. If you join the LifeStraw cause, you can be sure every cent you spend is dedicated to them.

14. Mermaid straws

Mermaid Straw is a young company with a huge cause. They are saving the oceans from plastic and microplastic, by selling eco-friendly reusable straws, branded clothes, accessories, and they pack the orders in boxes and mailers made from recycled paper. Their cause is “zero waste”.

Source: pinterest.com

15. For the black lives that matter

This cause deserves the hype, and the campaign is provided by the Phenomenal Woman, we already mentioned. This long-sleeve blouse is to make a change, and a cozy gift to your friend too.

16. UNICEF glass pitcher

It’s an unusual pitcher that is dedicated to the children who fight against dehydration, due to different reasons. UNICEF is an organization that supports and organizes every type of child support.

Source: verywellfamily.com

17. Literature inspired tote bag

The Out of Print is offering an interesting bag, inspired by one of the biggest classics, The Great Gatsby. They are donating books for people and communities in need.

18. Cuff that sends a message

As a part of the Planned Parenthood initiative, the brand known as Bird + Stone is selling a popular bracelet with a custom message. A part of the money you spend goes to planned parenthood promotion.

19. Earrings against human trafficking

Women and young girls are the most targeted group of people, who are at high risk of becoming victims of human trafficking. The simple daisy earrings from Purpose Jewelry can help you become an active part of this initiative.

20. Cosmetics that helps the victims

Pre-packed gift sets are excellent, and when they have a cause, it’s even better. Thistle Farms are supporting both the local farms and the women who are victims of sexual and domestic violence.

Source: citylifestyle.com

21. Cosmetics for the girls in Africa

Tatcha is a popular skincare brand, but they are donating the profit to Room to Read, to help the girls in Africa and Asia get the education they deserve.

22. Purchase to plant a tree

Deforestation is a bitter problem for the whole earth, and Tentree partners are selling their clothes with a cause – with every purchased piece, they plant one tree.

23. Bags that make a change

Reusable bags for shopping are just a small step to reduce the waste every year, as a part of Uncommon Goods’ project known as Quarantine Rainbow Connection.

24. Bags to promote the education

Source: people.com

Tote bags are a popular statement piece, and you can buy one that protects the wildlife in Africa, but at the same time shares some of the profit with the educational organizations. Out of Print turn the books into designs, and is there anything better than that?

25. Candles to help the hungry children

The company named Bridgewater Candle promotes helping the kids in need, and with each candle, they buy three meals for the poor and hungry children.