Best Parental Control Applications to Have in 2023

If you have already gifted a smartphone to your child, then there is a way to keep an eye on their mobile phone usage. It is indeed a matter of concern to see a child completely hooked to their smartphone. Not that you want to jeopardize their personal space, but parental control apps, can enable you to protect your child from online bullying, provide them a safe and secure internet browsing atmosphere, and keep them away from dangerous websites like pornographic, gambling, and addictive online gaming sites.

These parental control apps come along with a wide range of powerful features. Some of them are app blocker, geo-fencing, real-time location tracking, web filtering, and much more. Before we dwell on all the top parental control apps, readers may note that we have made a list of the same that are available for Android and iOS. Most of these apps enable you to use them for free under their free-trial membership account, but once it is over, you will have to choose their paid packages. Now, let’s move on and give you the details of the best parental control applications to have in 2023.


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The stability of FamiSafe is known to all, and the app developer, Wondershare, is one of the top app developers. Although this parental control application is new in the market, it has a wide range of useful features. The application allows you to try it for free under their free trial version, where you will get to try all of its features and services.

Download: Famisafe


  • You can track your child’s whereabouts in real-time, and set a geofencing, and get notified whenever they cross it.
  • You can use this application to block addictive apps.
  • You will get remote access to your child’s browsing history, and filter the web content any time you want.
  • You can set screen time limit to make sure that they are not using their phone when they should instead be studying, and sleeping.

Spyzie Parental Control App

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Another powerful and popular parental control application is Spyzie Parental Control App. The non-technical and clean interface makes this app easy to use. Along with the massive number of features that Spyzie Parental Control App offers, you will also be able to enjoy the comprehensive report system.


  • The app lets you track all calls and messages received and sent from the phone.
  • You can monitor screen time, and restrict the usage.
  • You can monitor your child’s social media activities.
  • There is a real-time GPS location tracking to track where your child currently is.

Kaspersky Safe Kids

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The third that we have here is Kaspersky Safe Kids. Yet another feature-rich parental control app that will let you monitor your cell phone habits. The powerful features of this application are designed to allow you to keep your child safe from each bad mobile habit.


  • You can track your kid’s real-time location.
  • You will get to see the device’s usage times.
  • You can add custom blocks for the device.
  • Custom block for internet material available as well.

mSpy Android Parental Control

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mSpy Android Parental Control has marketed itself as the best parental app, and the user-friendly app is quite easy to use. The installation process is fast, and they have impressive customer service. Through this application, you will be to monitor your child’s phone whenever you want to.


  • You will get to see all the instant messages sent over different applications, like WhatsApp, Facebook, Snapchat, and more.
  • The application is compatible with both iOS and Android devices.
  • You will get 24×7 multi-lingual customer support.
  • You can check call logs and block unwanted numbers.

Net Nanny

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Net Nanny is a reliable and one of the top-rated parental control applications that let you keep an eye on your kid’s online experience. From web filtering to pornographic website blocking, Net Nanny allows you to do everything that is needed to keep your child protected from the dangers.


  • You can easily filter the internet content.
  • You can block all the adult content.
  • Net Nanny lets you put screen time limits.
  • You can control your child’s device remotely.

Norton Family Parental Control

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A powerful parental control application by none other than Norton presents to you a parental control app with 30-days free premier membership. It comes with a lot of monitoring features that you need to keep an eye on your child’s online presence.


  • You can supervise your child’s website experience
  • You can monitor their mobile phone time usage
  • You can track your children in real-time.
  • Track each message, and calls through Norton Family Parental Control

Screen Time Limit KidCrono

An adorable looking parental control app that can do more than its attractive interface, KidCrono is designed mainly for iPhone and iPad users. Through this application, you will restrict their mobile phone usage, keep their mobile phone activities under control, and provide you with proper statistics of their mobile phone usage, that will let you make the right decision.


  • You can control multiple profiles and set separate time locks.
  • There are daily, as well as weekly schedule options available.
  • The application allows you to start, stop, or pause, schedule, and swap options.
  • There are personalized avatars, that will let you engage your children.

Family Time

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Being busy all the time on your mobile phone takes away all the precious moments of your life. And because children can easily get distracted by their mobile phone, Family Time lets you customize screen time control adequately.


  • The app comes with a homework schedule.
  • You can set custom time limits.
  • Real-time GPS location tracking is there.
  • You can unblock and block the applications.


These are the top eight parental control applications, out of them to know more about how easy and safe it is to use the app, do visit the official website because FamiSafe is by far the easiest and the safest parental control application to use. The app comes with many robust features that will help you to keep your child away from troubles.