How to Use Dog Enrichment Toys

It’s important to keep your dog’s life interesting. Whether it’s meal time or playtime, enrichment toys are a great way to improve your dog’s day.

They have many uses, but today we’ll be focusing on how they can improve meal time and eating habits.

Something like our Fenrir Hammer can make mealtime more interesting while also combating bad habits such as eating too quickly. It can be stuffed with treats and frozen to help with a whole variety of problems.

Selecting the Right Size Dog Enrichment Toy

It’s important to choose an appropriate size toy for your dog. It will allow them to get the most out of it. A toy that’s too large can be hard to play with and a toy that’s too small can easily be broken.

That’s why our dog enrichment toys come in three sizes to help you find the perfect fit. We offer a mini version for dogs up to 10kg, a medium for those between 10-25kg, and for our large breeds that are 25kg and up, we offer a large.

Though, don’t forget, part of this depends on your dog as well. Some are stronger chewers than others and you may find that you need to go up in size for some breeds.


Filling and Freezing Dog Enrichment Toys

You can make mealtime more fun and engage by filling these toys.

The first option to fill one of these toys is to fill it with their kibble or wet food. They can shake the kibble out or lick up the wet food.

The second option is to fill it with a wet food or moistened kibble and then freeze it. This will give your dog a long-lasting chew that they’re excited to gnaw on.

Dog Enrichment Toys and Meal Time

It’s no secret that a lot of dogs are food driven. They get excited by treats, meals, and crumbs that are accidentally dropped on the floor.

They tend to eat very quickly and can even eat so quickly that they make themselves sick.

Filling an enrichment toy is a great way to not only pace your dog but to work on obedience training as well.

Most dogs get excited when they see their meal and can’t sit still. This can lead to spills and other accidents. Instead of putting their meal down as quickly as possible, have them sit, stay and wait for their meal.

Once they’re sitting and calm, give them their toy stuffed with kibble or wet food.


Dog Enrichment Toys and Other Behaviours

These types of toys aren’t just to help with manners at meal times and slow down fast eaters.

They can help prevent boredom by giving your dog a “job” while they eat. They’ll have to work to get their food out of the center.

Dog enrichment toys can also be used as a distraction. They can be given when guests are over, to keep your dog settled and they can even be used when your dog needs to be in their crate for a while.

You can even use them to help with separation anxiety. The possibilities are truly endless.