The Best Destinations to Go Camping in Green Germany!

By traveling in a tent, caravan, or RV, campers not only have all of their home essentials with them, but they can also stay in locations around the country. A night spent outside in nature can be more effective for relaxation as opposed to renting a hotel room in the city.

Although Germany’s north and south are distinctly different from one another, each provides a wide range of activities, including serene camping sites. This article will share some of the top camping destinations for anyone looking to explore the green side of Germany.

Waldcamping – Thalheim


Waldcamping is known as a nature lovers’ campsite. With a range of options between wild in the woods, romantic in the tipi or covered wagon, or even rustic in a tent and bungalow, there is something for all nature lovers.

In addition, the campsite offers survival courses, herbal walks, geo-caching, and Indian sweat lodges. Furthermore, campers will enjoy music around the campfire and hiking tours in the mornings. Waldcamping Thalheim claims to help people feel the spirit of nature when staying with them in workshops and will organize events for bigger groups, similar to other campsite websites like AllCamps.

Ferienpark Wulfener Hals


Ferienpark Wulfener Hals is located between the Burger Binnensee and the Baltic Sea in a region called Fehmarn. With activities and entertainment such as live bands and musicals, this campsite will have a few options to keep campers relaxed during their stay.

In addition, Ferienpark has a sandy beach, a refreshing pool, and a bunch of playgrounds for kids to enjoy themselves in the sun. Claiming to offer comfortable accommodation, friendly service, and good cuisine, Ferienpark Wulfener Hals might be an option worth considering when choosing a place to camp in Germany, which consumers can read more about on Erfahrungenscout and other review websites.

Hofgut Hopfenburg


The Hofgut Hopfenburg is located in the Biosphere of Swabian Alb with a classic campsite for overnight accommodation including their shepherd’s wagon, a yurt, a tipi tent, or circus wagon. Along with workshops and seminars, Hofgut focuses on arts and crafts while addressing issues of sustainability and eco-friendly living practices.

Campsite visitors will have the opportunity to choose activities between horse riding, bird song tours, trekking tours, and Indian drum workshops.

Strotzbuscher Muhle Nature Campsite


Located in Strotzbusch, Germany, Strotzbuscher Muhle offers camping, rental tents, log cabins, and inns for couples or groups to stay in. Additionally, this campsite has forests of lava formations and volcanic lakes with the nature camp being on the banks of the river. Whether campers are looking for a sculpting class, a wild weekend, or a guided walk, Strotzbuscher Mill claims to offer something for everyone.

Furthermore, they have power generation from hydropower, exclusive heating, with wood and a sewage treatment plant on the property to help teach visitors the various aspects of living in the wild. With individual breakfast and dinner menus between July and August, and other meal options for the rest of the year, Strotzbuscher aims to make sure everyone feels included in the meal plan.

Kanustation Mirow


Kanustation Mirow is a canoe rental and camping site located in the Mecklenburg Lake District, close to the Müritz National Park. The Müritz is Germany’s largest inland river, and the Müritz National Park is one of the country’s largest national parks. This makes the canoe station on Lake Mirow an ideal base for nature lovers, outdoor enthusiasts, and, of course, canoeists.

Get started on Planning a Camp in Germany

With so many options for camping in Germany, there’s sure to be a place to suit each camper. Whether they’re looking to go canoeing or rent a bungalow or a tipi tent, Germany is home to very accommodating campsites.

Why not start packing up and see what the greenside of Germany has to offer?

Each place will have something different for you and other campers to ensure you get the relaxation you need.