Traveling To Israel – 7 Things to Know in 2023

When you first travel to Israel, you will notice that the people are quite friendly and welcoming of guests. And while this statement is true, you won’t be welcomed the same when you first land in the country. Israelis are very patriotic. Simply said, they put their country before anything else.

That’s why every Israeli, regardless of gender, has to do his military duty. That not only makes them even more loving of their beautiful country, but it makes it quite safe for travel.

You’ll see armed forces on every corner of the major cities. These men and women aren’t there to intervene if a threat occurs, but will do so if needed.

That’s why you should know that Israel is very safe to travel, but what else do you need to know when visiting? Well, that’s exactly what we’ll be doing in this article. So, sit back, grab a kosher wine, and enjoy.

1. Israel Is Pricy, To Say the Least

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Let’s put it this way. Israel is priced the same as Australia. With all that said, that means that the country is quite expensive.

When visiting Israel, the most you’ll have to spend on is accommodations, public transport, and food. Car rental can cost up to $80 per day, and street food can cost up to $10 for a single person.

You’d be even more surprised to see the costs for beverages and foods at higher-end restaurants, bars, and even, the beach.

So, as the first thing, you should know, make sure to sort your budget before you plan on visiting Israel.

2. Tel Aviv – the Place To Be

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Tel Aviv does have its beauty, but it cannot be compared to the historic European capitals and cities. Tel Aviv is quite pleasant, but it can be rather dull during the day.

And while there is stuff to do, as it is a HUGE city, most people talk about its beauty during the night. Safe to say, Tel Aviv has an exquisite nightlife, and you have to try it when visiting.

Everything from bars to street events to nightclubs, Tel Aviv has a lush nightlife that will bring out the party animal in you. But even if you’re not interested in all this, the city has lots more to offer you.

3. There is no Uber

You expect Uber to be established in Israel, but unfortunately, this isn’t the case.

There have been calls since 2014 to bring Uber to the country, but it has failed every time.

However, you can download Gett Taxi as a substitute for Uber. Not only is it much cheaper than an ordinary Taxi, but it’s also the best way to get around the country.

4. Where to Stay?

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The most exciting cities to book your accommodations are Tel Aviv and Jerusalem. Nazareth is majorly Arabic, so there are other laws that might ruin your traveling.

And while Nazareth is also very beautiful, most of Israel’s tourism is cemented around Tel Aviv and Jerusalem.

Most hotel accommodations are bed and breakfast based, meaning you get breakfast in the morning. It’s very advised to book a bed and breakfast accommodation, as food is very expensive in Israel.

When on the subject of breakfast, do know that the country has some pretty brilliant cuisines that will more than satisfy your food-needs.

If you’re looking for some of the best accommodations for your upcoming trip to Israel, then make sure to visit Golan Exposure for a selection of some of the best ones.

5. Jerusalem is Crazy

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Okay, we need to talk about Jerusalem. For starters, Jerusalem is labeled “the Holy City”. However, it isn’t only holy for the Jewish faith; it’s also for Christianity and Islam.

If you know anything about Jerusalem, then it might be the Western Wall. This is the holiest of places for followers of the Jewish faith. However, the craziest thing is that it’s only a short distance away from the holiest place in all Christianity; the tomb of Jesus. And, again, the even craziest thing is that both are just across the street from the holiest place for followers of the Islamic faith!

If this wasn’t enough to blow your mind, there are hundreds of gay bars in Jerusalem! The craziness of this city is definitely one to try out for yourself. If you’re visiting as an Atheist, then be prepared to experience the holiness of Jerusalem.

6. Beaches Are Also Crazy

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If you’re after a sunny vacation, then Tel Aviv is the city to visit. Tel Aviv is home to Israel’s hottest beaches. The center of the city is only a few blocks away from the seashores.

However, before you put your swimsuit on, make sure to ask around because some of Tel Aviv’s beaches are specifically catered to a group of people.

For example, there are strictly Christian beaches, Muslim beaches, Jewish beaches, gay beaches, beaches only for families, nudists, and some are catered solely for dogs and pets.

Another crazy fact is that one of the most prominent gay beaches is located just next to a religious one.

7. There Are Still Bedouin Societies

The southern parts of the country are covered in a huge layer of sand that stretches for miles on end. This area is known as the Negev Desert and is home to the native Bedouin tribes.

Here, in the desert, the only thing to see is the amazing sand dunes and the super-popular oases. Here, the temperatures are very hot in the day and cold at night. The Bedouin tribes live in these areas, and you can even visit to stay overnight.